C and E bets in Craps: What you need to know

C and E bets in Craps: What you need to know


Every fan of gaming that wants to win big needs to know how to play craps.

Many traditional casino games, including craps as well as blackjack and poker, can be played online at an NJ online casino. Every wager that this particular game involves needs to be looked at carefully in order to decide whether or not it is a good one with the chance of being lucrative.

Craps and Eleven

The Craps and Eleven bet, more commonly referred to simply as the C and E bet, is a bet frequently employed in craps, and it is important to evaluate all possible outcomes of making this wager in addition to its overall odds. The C and E bet is linked to the Any Craps bet.

Everyone who plays craps is free to place whichever wager they find appropriate in the circumstances and according to their own individual preferences.They should evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of every approach and choose the best option for that particular roll of the dice. One of those bets is the C and E bet.

This bet can be made in person or online and its size is up to the individual. The bet is an enhancement of the pre-existing Any Craps bet that allows a player to bet on the numbers 2, 3 or 12 plus the additional 11. This provides a greater degree of freedom as well as an increased likelihood of winning when the dice is rolled.

If those numbers are rolled, the wager wins and the player will receive a cash payout that matches their bet. It is important to understand the two bets this bet is composed of in order to have a full understanding of the nature of the wager. Individuals need to remember that this bet is not self-service, and that the stickman’s assistance will be required.


In regard to the layout of the craps table, players should already have familiarized themselves with it and know all of the special zones. The C and E wager will be labeled with the assistance of up to 16 sets of a pair of circles. Each of those two circles is for one of the bet’s two halves, which makes it simple for players to place their bet.

Players often call the Any Craps bet the three-way bet and use it to bail them out of trouble in a sticky situation as it can help compensate for losses on the pass line. Once players fully understand this bet, they can then step things up to the next level by making use of the C and E bet.

After you have let the stickman know the bet you intend to place, it will be equally divided on the circles.


Odds for the C and E bet are 7:1 for 2, 3 or 12, or 15:1 for 11. The C and E bet is a single roll wager and ends the moment the dice has been rolled. Players win or lose on the spot.